Parametric Study on Vibration Response for Automobile Crankshaft


Model Analysis
Structural Modification
Design of Experiment

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Pyae Sone, S., Abu, A., & Kyaw Nyein, O. (2019). Parametric Study on Vibration Response for Automobile Crankshaft. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 1(4), 85-88.


In the interest of utilized more stable automobile components at high speed for reduction the vibration of mechanical system, dynamic characteristics analysis plays a vital role in complex mechanical parts. Factors influencing on the level of vibration response were determined and optimized by the approach of experimental design. Based on golbal and local proerties of crankshaft structural properties, it was found that main journal diameter  and Young’s modulus were recommended as inital values. Modification of crankshaft structure was performed carefully with the aspect of compatitablity for engine equipment. The reduction of vibration response was achieved and structure resonance has been shifted toward higher frequency domain. This approach proposed for the optimizing the structural parameters and would provide potential value basis to qualitative measure of parameters and determination of optimized structure.


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