Exploring Online Apparel Shopping Satisfaction on Sizing and Fit for Malaysian Children


apparel; sizing and fit; satisfaction

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Saaludin, N., Ismail, M. H., & Harun, S. (2018). Exploring Online Apparel Shopping Satisfaction on Sizing and Fit for Malaysian Children. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 2(4), 95-99. https://doi.org/10.31580/apss.v2i4.348


The advancement for the internet facilities have encouraged the the proliferation of online shopping especially apparel segments in Malaysia. Apparel are not only for basic neccessity but also as a trendy fashion as well. Meeting an appropriate sizing and comfortable apparel are the most important elements for consideration of purchasing. This study has determined the uncertainty problem on sizing and fit of apparel for Malaysian children from the perceptive of parents or guardians. Girth and length were identified as a good key dimensions measurement. Height and bust and, height and waist were used to measure upper body and lower body respectively. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) has proved that higher income households had greater discrepancies with respect to satisfaction levels items than lower income household. Different apparel sizing system by brands and manufacturers could lead to consumer confusion and dissatisfaction in shopping via online.



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