Islamic Bankers Green Behaviours and Its Impact on Green Banking Growth


Islamic Bankers
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Green Banking

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Ali, Q., & Parveen, S. (2018). Islamic Bankers Green Behaviours and Its Impact on Green Banking Growth. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 1(4), 80-84.


This study focuses to categorise the types of green behaviours among Islamic bankers and the impact of these behaviours on the growth of green banking in Malaysia. The data was collected through a self-administrated survey questionnaire. McConnaughy’s (2014) behavioural framework was adopted as a measurement scale. The findings prove that all five types of behaviours (conservation, work sustainability, avoiding harm, influencing others and taking initiative) of Islamic bankers have a significant positive impact on the growth of green banking. Particularly, taking initiative was the most influential behaviour for the growth of green banking. The major limitation of this study is the data collection from limited participants which is not an ideal scenario to generalise these findings. The findings are robust to develop green banking regulations, to shape a better green behaviour of Islamic bankers and to enhance green banking growth in Malaysia.


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