How Does Politics Affect Higher Education In Pakistan


Education;Higher education; Politics

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Sultana, N. (2018). How Does Politics Affect Higher Education In Pakistan. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 2(4), 43-46.


Today, universities are highly politicized mostly in all matters (Karim, 2007). The effects of political parties and their leaders spoil the strong educational system. Political interference ignores talented people and supports their political supporters. It’s impossible to separate politics from education in Pakistan. The education system of Pakistan is headed by a minister of education who is a politician, not an educator. The educational policies of the whole education system are overwhelmingly impacted by political policies and practices the ruling party. Accordingly the existing study was intended to reveal the affects of politics on higher education in Pakistan. Therefore this study concluded that politics is a major factor which influences and does sometime very immoral things. Moreover, these political leaders make a lot of corruption in education, especially in Higher Education. From educational budgetary allocation to spending on it, all​ is under control of politics.


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