The Practice of Instructional Leadership among Headmasters in The Southern Region of Malaysia


headmaster, instructional leadership, level of practice, Southern Region of Malaysia

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Hassan, R., Ahmad, J., & Boon, Y. (2018). The Practice of Instructional Leadership among Headmasters in The Southern Region of Malaysia. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 2(4), 24-27.


This study aims to identify the level of instructional leadership practice among headmasters in three states in the Southern Region of Malaysia which areĀ  Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor. This quantitative research uses survey research design by using instructional leadership questionnaire (ILQ). The alpha Cronbach value of the pilot study for this questionnaire is .962. 390 teachers were involved in this study and they were chosen through cluster sampling from simple random samples. Statistical analysis for this research had used the software IBM SPSS Statistics version 22. This research found that the headmasters in the Southern Region of Malaysia are practicing instructional leadership at medium high level, in which all three dimensions recorded the mean score value between 3.796 to 3.965. To conclude, instructional leadership has been practiced in the Southern Region schools in driving the school towards achieving the targeted vision and mission.


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