The Effectiveness of Using Infographics as an Aid for Reading Comprehension


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Manickam, R., & Abdul Aziz, A. (2020). The Effectiveness of Using Infographics as an Aid for Reading Comprehension. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 6(3), 226-229.


Reading comprehension is one of the most vital skills that is needed in acquiring a language. However, the Malaysian pupils seem to have not master the skill and this have resulted in pupils lacking a good reading skill especially when it comes to English language. Therefore, it is important for the pupils to have a support system which would enable them to make better connection with their reading materials. Thus, the purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of using infographics to enhance reading comprehension among the primary school pupils with average and weak English language proficiency. The data of this research was collected through tests before the intervention and after the intervention. The data were collected from the test and was analysed. The finding of this research shows that there is a significant improvement of the mean score from the pre-test to the post-test. As this research has proven that the use of infographics was effective in enhancing reading comprehension among the pupils, it will benefit the teachers to use the intervention to help the pupils to comprehend the text better and also to will enable the pupils to experience fun their reading session.
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