Exploration of Historical Learning Strategies at SMAN 37 Jakarta


Keyword: Exploration, Historical, and Learning Strategies

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Marta, N., & Robinson Situmorang. (2019). Exploration of Historical Learning Strategies at SMAN 37 Jakarta. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 5(2), 150-154. https://doi.org/10.31580/apss.v5i2.1135


This study aims to figure out the history teacher creativity in developing in history instruction variations in class. The subject matter of history has distinction characteristic with other subject, because history concern with the past. The historical characteristic became challenges for the history teacher to create variation in instructional, in order to make instructional activity more pleasure. This study using the qualitative method. The Material for this study acquiring from the key informan and core informan based on purposive sampling.

The Curiculum of 2013 highlights that in the history instructional activity, the teacher has not only learn about the rememberes facts but also meaning behind it. The teacher has to develop a kind of creativity in instructional variation to stimulate the student eager in learning. The study shows that the SMAN 37 Jakarta history teacher ability in instructional activity resulting some creation in class management by activity involving  student in history learning in class. The teacher creativity still limited in make condusive circumstance in learning by using variative methods. Meanwhile,  there still rare effort in creation of developing of learning material. The teacher creativity still limeted in the problem of knowledge transfering.



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