Organizational Stress Indicators and Influence on Academic Performance in Private Universities


organizational stress indicators, workload, role ambiguity, role conflict, academic performance, private university, partial least square.

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YOUSEFI, M., Devi, R., & Shuib, A. (2019). Organizational Stress Indicators and Influence on Academic Performance in Private Universities. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 5(2), 117-122.


This study investigates to recognize and test the influence of organizational indicators of stress on the academic performance. The current research collected questionnaire via multi cluster sampling techniques from 32 Malaysian private universities academic staff. Also, 190 completed questionnaires were analyzed through SmartPLS software that has been delivered the results based on measurement and structural model. Then outcomes show that workload is the first stress organizational indictors that has adverse effect on academic staff work performance. Likewise, ambiguity and conflict in roles are the secondary and thirdly stress indictors that negatively influence the academics’ performance in private universities respectively. This study suggests remarkable implications both theoretically and practically to complement the available literature toward the organizational stress indicators in academia context that contribute to academic staff performance. In addition, it, enriches current administrators and policy makers of private universities in reducing the negative effects of stress predictors in organization and manage to increase academic staff performance.


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