Challenges in Deterring Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports from a Malaysian Perspective


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sheikh, S. S. B., Syarifah Fathynah Syed Sheikh, Wan Puspa Melati, Fadilah Puteh, Abdul Hamid, B., & Ismail, H. (2019). Challenges in Deterring Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports from a Malaysian Perspective. Asia Proceedings of Social Sciences, 5(1), 92-101.


This article attempts to discuss the challenges related to the occurrence of sexual harassment in sports. There were many glaring cases of sexual harassment in sports reported in the media. Unfortunately, most of these cases end up without any redress for the victim or punishment against the perpetrator. Hence, the objective of this article is to analyse the challenges faced by sports practitioners and officers in preventing as well as handling a few recent cases of sexual harassment and abuse. A qualitative method has been applied and the primary data is collected through focus group sessions comprised of thirty-five (35) experts from sports institutions, enforcement officers, civil society representatives, athletes and related government agencies. The result depicts there are fifteen challenges involved in handling cases related to sexual harassment and abuse in sports particularly lack code of practice and unclear procedures on the person in charge. Since there is no specific rules related to sexual harassment, previous cases were investigated under penal code and made it impossible for the victims to receive protection and redress.


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